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45 Raptor

Bettin Custom Guns now manufactures a “semi-custom” rifle in 45 Raptor to fill a niche for customers that want a better quality rifle for their Midwest deer hunting, but don’t want to spend the extra money on a full custom rifle.

With Iowa regulations now allowing certain centerfire rifle cartridges to be used during the regular gun deer seasons, the demand for a high performance centerfire round falling inside of Iowa’s legal criteria was created. The 45 Raptor is the highest performance cartridge available that is currently legal in Iowa.

The 45 Raptor was originally derived from the 460 Smith and Wesson Magnum (460 S&W) pistol cartridge. The only thing changed was the rim of the case to allow the round to function in modern repeating rifles instead of pistols. The bullets used, performance and reloading data is all the same as the 460 S&W. Even 460 S&W reloading dies are used to load the 45 Raptor. The developers of the Raptor originally designed it to function in the AR 10 rifle platform but it lends itself to function well in a variety of bolt action rifles too.

The 45 Raptor from Bettin Custom has the following components:

  • Remington 700 action with factory trigger (other triggers available on request at additional cost)
  • Liberty Barrels custom button rifled barrel chambered in 45 Raptor
  • Action and barrel custom coated by Bettin Custom with CeraKote metal finish (optional)
  • Magpul Hunter 700 stock (your choice of color)and included 5 round detachable magazine. Additional magazines are readily available from various vendors.
  • Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 scope with BDC reticle
  • Talley scope rings custom lapped and scope properly installed by Bettin Custom to help enhance accuracy.
  • Rifle is sighted in and accuracy tested in our 100 yd indoor shooting tunnel to ensure expected accuracy. Rifles are typically producing 1” or better groups at 100 yds and 1 MOA out to 300 yds.


Bettin Custom did custom load development and testing to come up with a bullet/load combination that we felt would give enough knock down power as well as a flat enough trajectory to allow 300 yard shots on deer sized game. We settled on the 225 gr Hornady FTX bullets which we can push at a velocity of @ 2700 fps. The bullets are accurate and the polymer tips make them feed flawlessly. As a comparison, the 300 Winchester Magnum rifle will push a 225 grain 30 cal bullet at @ 2700 fps. This is not the only bullet or ammo that can be used in these rifles, other ammunition manufactures are also making ammunition for the 45 Raptor with bullets up to 300 gr or more. We settled on the 225 grain bullet because it gave us a flatter trajectory with plenty of knock down power for deer. The 45 Raptor with 300+ gr bullets has a shorter effective range, but has sufficient knock down power for dangerous game such a grizzly bears at closer ranges. It is also a very popular cartridge for feral hogs.

Nikon’s BDC reticle works out nicely with the 225 gr bullets providing hold over points for 150,200,250 and 300 yds.

Bettin Custom Guns will provide all reloading data to customers that want to reload their own ammunition to match the load we use/sell. We will also sell custom ammunition to customers that purchase a rifle from us if they don’t want to reload themselves. As stated previously, any factory 45 Raptor ammunition is safe to use in these rifle.

2019 retail prices

  • 45 Raptor with Nikon scope, Cerakote finish on action and barrel- $1800
  • 45 Raptor with Nikon scope, factory ss finish on action, bead blast finish on SS barrel- $1600
  • 45 Raptor with customer provided scope- $1400

Turn around time- we will attempt to keep several rifles in stock for immediate delivery. Otherwise, 2-4 weeks lead time if we are out of stock.