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Carbon Hunter

This is our flagship rifle. Lightest weight, most accurate rifle we build using our own carbon wrapped barrels and hand laminated carbon fiber stocks.

Standard options: other options available on request

  • Defiance “Deviant Hunter” long or short action
  • Satern cut rifled, carbon composite reinforced barrel
  • Bettin Custom lightweight carbon composite stock (your choice of models)
  • Custom Cerakote Finish on all metal parts
  • Jewell trigger
  • Bettin Custom detachable magazine system (other floor plate systems optional)
  • Seekins Precision light weight aluminum rings
  • Custom built titanium muzzle brake (optional)
  • Finished weight of rifle averages 5.5-6.5 lbs depending on barrel length, caliber etc.
  • Popular calibers- 300 wsm, 7mm stw, 300 RUM,
  • Accuracy guarantee - Sub-1/2 moa.

Price: $4500 (price varies with different options)