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Rifle Stocks

Bettin Custom Guns manufactures our own lightweight composite stocks using hand laminated, compression molding techniques with aerospace quality pre-impregnated carbon fiber. The stocks are cured under pressure, at a high temperature baking cycle using a computer-controlled oven. This results in an extremely strong, lightweight stock. Each of our stocks is then custom fitted and bedded using the customer’s barreled action. We install aluminum pillars and bed the action, recoil lug and first 1” of barrel shank using the same reinforced epoxy system utilized during the stock’s construction process. The remainder of the barrel is free floated. The stocks are finished with a tough marine epoxy paint that provides a very durable, non-glare finish. We have basic earth tone paint schemes available OR you can have a custom camo job done by water transfer imaging. Stocks come standard with double front sling studs and one rear stud, as well as 1” Decelerator pad. Average stock weight is 24-26 ounces depending on model and accessories.

Other options available on our stocks (following options priced out in addition to standard options and vary depending on stock model)

  • Integral front rail systems for night vision optics
  • Adjustable cheek piece system
  • Flush mount sling cups – both standard positions and/or side mount positions
  • Bettin Custom extended length detachable magazine system- see “Detachable Magazine” page for more details on the detachable magazine system we manufacture.
  • Custom camouflage schemes from Hydro-dip.

PRICING- all current model stocks with standard options- $750 This price includes pillar bedding, labor and finishing of the stock.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT sell stock “blanks”. We will only sell our stocks as complete, bedded and finished stocks using the customer’s barreled action.

Available Models

All Purpose Hunter

A modern design featuring a high rollover cheek piece with cast off and a comfortable grip with palm swell. The stock handles recoil extremely well, and makes into a very comfortable rifle to shoot.

Stock on top shown in Hunter Green finish with Bettin Custom detachable magazine system installed.

Classic Varminter

A comfortable, no cheek piece stock with nice palm swell and wide flat forearm that is great for bags or a bi-pod. Dedicated right hand only.

Stock shown with custom Hydro-dip camo and Bettin Custom detachable magazine system.

High Country Hunter

This is a no frills, straight forward hunting stock that is sleek and slim in every way. The lightest stock we can make. Can be made left or right hand. Average weight is 24 oz.

Stock shown in black with gray accents and Bettin Custom detachable magazine system installed.

Plains Hunter

A straight forward hunting stock. No cheek piece and a slightly larger forearm that makes it great for bipods. Similar in design to the Classic Varminter but a little straighter hand grip, slightly narrower forearm and no palm swell. Can be made left or right hand.

Shown in hunter green finish with Bettin Custom detachable magazine system installed.


A very comfortable and stable stock with high roll over cheek piece. Great for offhand shooting. Right hand only.

Long Range Hunter

A lightweight long range hunting stock based off of the ever popular Mcmillan A-5 but with a slimmer forearm. Available left or right hand, with or without adjustable cheek piece. This has become one of our most popular stocks.