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I shot this today at 525 yards.  For a Sitka blacktail it's a good one and couldn't be more confident in my rifle.

After you sent it back I have put a pile of rounds through it. I think it shoots better now than ever. The photo of my knife shows 2 bullet holes. They are 1.5" apart both taken at 525 yards.  This goes to show ya when you shut your eyes and point the gun it sure shoots straight!!!! 

Thanks for building such a great rifle.
Garrett Sitka

Hi Todd,
I shot this today at 525 yards.  For a Sitka blacktail it's a good one and couldn't be more confident in my rifle.

Just a quick note as I thought you might be interested in seeing a couple pictures of my blue sheep and tahr from Nepal that I took with my mountain rifle you built for me.  It performed flawlessly once again. Both animals take at over 14k feet elevation and between 300-350 yards with clean shots.  Hope all is well on your side!

John Baker

We had a successful hunt. We got our elk opening morning. I promised you a pic a long time ago. This is a Sitka blacktail.
Taken at 843 yards with a cold bore shot. 243 ackley. Todd you sure can make a shooting gun! 

Brian and a Ram

Brian and a Billy

Nate and a Elk

Mike and a Bear

Todd, Just wanted to show you a pic of a great buck I was able to shoot in Nevada with my Bettin custom rifle.  As usual one shot through the front shoulder was all it took.  I'm in my 6th season of hunting with this rifle and it has never let me down.

Thank you!
Tim Maddock

Hi Todd, I was able to break in my new custom from you on a record book Mt. goat that was an old fella at 12 years old down in SE Alaska.  It was a pleasure to pack and carry!


Dwight Taylor

Pat Higbie- 337-378 Tejas


465 yd shot, 180 gr match Hybids- 7mm STW


Hey Todd!  Hope all has been well in your world.  I took my 300 RUM that you built for me a few years ago on an adventure to Tajikistan.  I just returned and took two fine trophies (photos attached).  The Marco Polo was taken at 427 yds, and the ibex at 900 yds, both one shot kills.  The rifle performed perfectly as usual.

Paul Mitzel Paul Mitzel Custom Rifle

Hi Todd,
Just wanted to show you what I've shot so far. Still have an Elk tag for Arizona late hunt. The Antelope I shot at 603 yrds. Muley was only 230 yrds. easy pop shot. Rifle is dead on! Thanks again.

Tim Maddock Custom Rifle IA Howard Ozer Huting Game IA

Here is a picture of a coues deer I killed a few weeks ago in Mexico. It wasn't a long shot, but at 198 yards that 300 RUM really turned his lights out!
Thanks again,
Tim Maddock

Here are some pictures from my mountain goat hunt last week with your 300 WSM. The shot was dead on at 360 yds. My next trip with it is for a bighorn in Alberta next September. HO

Jason Kottke ND Big Buck Iowa

Hello Todd
If you remember, I ordered the Hunter Composite from you 2 years ago in 270 WSM. I am extremely happy with my rifle, but have had no luck drawing buck tags. In North Dakota, we use lottery for Buck Tags for pretty much every species. I finally got a Whitetail buck tag and a Pronghorn buck tag this year. Attached are the pictures of my Pronghorn buck. He is 13 3/4" long. You had said before, "pictures welcome". I figured if you ever started a 'customers pictures' section I could maybe make the cut. If I get a nice whitetail, I'll pass that along too.

One last thing, I have told numerous people about my rifle and how much I like it. 1 guy ordered one from you, and another is about to. Thanks for the service and craftsmanship. When I need another calibered rifle, I will
give you a call.

Jason Kottke
Milnor, North Dakota 58060

Todd this is the buck I shot this past season w/ the rifle you made for me. It is setting at number 100 all time typical w/ its green score. I must wait 60 days for an official score.

Jay Parnell Deer Game Iowa Deer Hunter Iowa
Moose Game Iowa

The new rifle's first hunting season was a good one! It performed very well on an Arizona elk hunt and whitetail hunts in Texas and Nebraska. All three kills where made with Berger 190s. The elk was taken at 440 yds, the Texas whitetail at 857 yds, and the Nebraska whitetail at 300 yds. I am pushing this load to the max......3300 fps. Three shot groups at 200 yds are usually .5 inch or less (I have shot several in the .2s and .3s). Overall I am very please with this rifle and look forward to new projects in the future. Hope you had a good year!
Jay Parnell