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Detachable Magazine

Bettin Custom extended length detachable box magazine system

We are excited to now offer our detachable box magazine system that we have spent the last several years developing. We started our development with a list of requirements

  • A detachable magazine system, that was extended in length enough to allow cartridges loaded with long VLD bullets seated near the lands, still fit in the magazine.
  • We wanted a system that was light weight
  • We wanted a system that did not protrude a great deal from the bottom of the stock
  • We wanted a system that fed reliably and was easy to load.

We feel that we now have a system that fits all those needs for rifles used in a hunting situation

We make these magazine systems in-house with our own CNC mill and moulds. The bottom of the magazine is aluminum; the body of the box as well as the follower is carbon fiber. We have designed and manufacture our own spring follower system that evenly distributes pressure against the bottom of the follower to help improve feeding. Our magazine system includes an aluminum trigger guard that we manufacture in-house as well. Latch systems in the trigger guard and on magazine are stainless steel to increase wear resistance. Magazines will hold 3 rounds + 1 in chamber. This system adds a total of 3 ounces of weight compared to a standard Remington 700 BDL floor plate/magazine set up.

TWe offer both long and short action versions. The short action version providing 2.995” of usable cartridge length, and the long action providing 3.995”. The system is integral to the stock, so they can ONLY be installed into one of our carbon stocks. Currently, we do not make this system for any other style actions and only install it in the rifles we build in-house using Defiance actions.

PRICE: $450 includes 2 magazines

Close up of feed lips and follower

Side view of rifle with Bettin Custom magazine system showing how far it protrudes from the bottom of the stock.