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Options and Accessories

We build custom rifles to YOUR specifications. The options and accessories listed on our site are those we use most commonly and have a great deal of confidence in. We will gladly discuss using any specific action, barrel or accessory that you may want.

Custom Actions

Defiance Actions

The preferred actions for use on our rifles are those built by the folks at Defiance Machine. Our current favorite is the Deviant action by Defiance. Their actions have many improvements and options available that few other actions can match. Some of the more important features:

  • One piece bolt/handle- entire bolt, including the bolt handle are machined out of one solid piece of steel. No welded or soldiered bolt handles to break off.
  • ⦁ Scope rail is machined as part of the action- no screws to come loose or move
  • Mini-16 extractor for flawless extraction
  • Double ejectors for improved ejection performance
  • Numerous options on magazine ports, ejection ports, rear tangs and bolt knobs, all designed around the specific cartridge and the intended use of the rifle.
  • Hunter version is lightened in as many areas as possible to save weight

Trigger Options

We have found Jewell triggers superior to all others and they come as a standard option. Other triggers can be used at customer request.

Price - $225

Metal Finish with Cerakote Finish

This is the most resistant metal coating currently on the market. We have found it to be significantly more scratch and chip resistant then the previous gun coating products we have used, and now recommend it on ALL our rifles. It has a very high coefficient of friction and makes the actions extremely smooth as well as weather proof. We carry matt black in-stock, other colors are available for an additional fee.

Price - $200 includes entire rifle (all metal parts)

Scope Mounts

The ring system that we have found to be the best, are those made by NightForce. They make extremely high quality rings that are perfectly true, lightweight and have clean lines. When coupled with the custom mounts included with the Defiance actions there is NO scope movement, even with heavy tactical scopes. If you have a preference on scope rings, we are willing to install any quality ring on the market.

Muzzle Brakes

We custom build 3 styles of custom titanium muzzle brakes in-house, but we can install any brake you want on your custom rifle.

  • Vias style

Vias Style Muzzle Brake

  • Slab style

    Slab Style Muzzle Brake

  • Tactical Brake

Slab Style Muzzle Brake


Bettin Custom is a type 07/SOT dealer. We manufacture a small number of suppressors in-house but will gladly order and install any suppressor you want on your custom rifle.