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Remington Hunter

A semicustom rifle for those hunters that want an accurate rifle but don’t want to spend the time and money on a full custom job. We use the best cut rifled barrels on the market, then thread/chamber them ourselves to keep the accuracy we want. Then by using readily available, non custom parts for the rest of the build, we have been able to cut the turn-around time and cost down significantly compared to our Carbon Hunter line of rifles. We use Remington 700 actions that are still a reliable platform to build a rifle on. The MagPul Hunter 700 stock which has a full length aluminum bedding block and built in detachable magazine system (uses MagPul ACIS style magazines). It’s adjustable for length of pull as well as check weld height. It’s a comfortable, accurate stock with a price that makes the whole system very affordable. This rifle doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a full custom build, and it’s a little heavier, but it makes an affordable, accurate, reliable hunting rifle.

Standard options: other options available on request

  • Remington 700 action- long or short action
  • Satern cut rifled barrel- twist rate, finish contour, and finish length all customized to your choice of caliber/bullet.
  • MagPul Hunter 700 stock (multiple color options available)
  • Customer’s choice of muzzle brake, threaded for suppressor or standard crowned barrel
  • Timney trigger (other triggers available on request)
  • Talley light weight scope rings (other mounts available on request)
  • MagPul detachable magazine system. ( Comes with one 5 round magazine)
  • Calibers- most long and short action calibers available
  • Cerakote metal finish (multiple color choices available)
  • Rifles have sub .75 MOA or better accuracy guarantee 
  • Rifles weigh from 8-10lbs depending on options and barrel contour/finish length
  • Customer’s scope installed and accuracy testing completed with customer’s scope
  • Turn around time varies with time of year and work load, but averages 8-12 weeks

Base Price: $2000 (price varies with options)